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Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Than Just an Outing

This post is long overdue. Should have it done few days ago but I was so busy with preparation for Book Fair and I don’t have time the time for it.

Last Saturday, which was on 22nd August, I was hanging out at Ipoh with Yi Herng’s high schoolmate, Justin. If you have read my post last year, you would know that Justin and I get to know to each other through online. After viewing each other’s profile in Friendster, a new friendship begins. From Friendster, to Facebook, then blog and we spend time to chat in Plurk. Now, it is no longer just virtual encounter as we get to meet each other, again that day. What a journey for a friendship. :)

Yi Herng was not available since he was involved with 30 Hours Famine event. So it was only me and him. At first, I was quite sceptical about the outing since the previous one, which was back in October last year, if I am not mistaken, we hardly talked. Things were still awkward and odd. That time, Yi Herng was around, but not this time. I was like, “how am I going to spend the rest of the day if the same thing could happen, again?” Even so, I never think of not going for the outing since I am the one who was sort of initiating the whole thing. I just told myself, “I will just hang out with a friend, what could be worst?”

I was waiting for him at Medan Kidd since he would be driving there to fetch me. Then, received a call from him and I didn’t know where to find him because I didn’t know where is Cameron Bus counter. -.-“From afar, I saw a familiar face, it was him. Get into his car and get the day started. After buying his KTM ticket, we headed to Ipoh Parade.

Thing went well and better than I expected. Awkward and odd moment was a no-no. We started to chit-chat on random stuff. Well, mostly would be about studies and all, in which I was so envy of him who will be studying in States. But, it was the time that we get to spend matters. :)

After having my brunch at Junction Kopitiam, we planned to watch movie but “Orphan” was not broadcasted. The premier was on 20th. I wonder what was wrong with cinema there. Changed of plan, went to play bowling at Ampang Superbowl. Huh, bad day for me, can’t score well that day, below 100. But Justin scored even lower, since he kept on getting “Fault” for stepping on the line. Haha. After walking around the mall, we dropped by at Starbucks. I have promised to treat him Starbucks, a promise made online one year ago. Finally, I have the chance to do so. Promise fulfilled. =)

Next, went to JUSCO. The intention was actually to check whether “Orphan” is broadcasted at the cinema there. But no, it was not. Disappointed again, playing games at the arcade. Justin didn’t play, just watching me. A bit “paiseh”, dare not to play for too long. After losing and winning one round of games, we left. All we did was just merely hanging out around the mall, checking out things. Other than that, just random conversation. Around 4 or 5pm, my other UTP friends happened to be going to Ipoh as well and I planned to go back to campus with them. Some more, Justin still has another outing with his other friends. So, I bid farewell to Justin and managed to take photos at the parking lot before leaving. Last minute. Haha.

It has been a great outing. Looking forward for another one and many more to come. =)

UTP Book Fair 2009 was finally over 2 days ago. Will really the moment throughout the preparation and the event itself. Thanks, guys!

*Thought it was going to be a bad day but fortunately, it is not. No one can give me the warmth felt in the heart as you do. ^.^

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