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Friday, November 14, 2008

About Me

I asked myself to be tagged. I guess I just love to do tag post. It allows me or may be you, to understand myself better. Some more, there are two different tags in a row. Hope I enjoy doing this. As said, I asked for it.

I was tagged, *cough*, by SJ, a new bloggie friend of mine. Never seen her in real but we do contact each other via our blogs and sometimes, Facebook. Gosh! I like Facebook. =)

Back to the tag:


Bold the statements that are true to you.
Italicize the statements that you wish were true.
Leave the fibs alone.
Then, stab 5 people to do the same test.


I’m 170cm tall.
I don’t know what I want at the moment.
I’m not happy.
I hate my friends.
I hate my life.
I hate my grades.
He drives.
I’m bored of driving.
I have a white handbag.
I love dancing.
I go clubbing every week.
Shopping is bullshit.
I have a tattoo of a star.
I got my navel pierced.
I have friends that take drugs.
90% of my friends smoke.
I still hang out with my ex, even though our break up was rather nasty.
I’m studying Fashion.
I have a business running.
I hate cartoons.
I hate someone.
I have 10 Guess handbags.
I buy CLEO every month.
My parents don’t know about my blog.
I have an iPod.
I don’t have faith in the current “one”.
My school mates know about my blog.
I wanted to be a fashion designer.
I love rock emo bands.
I hate it when people cancel last minute meet ups.
I’m a rebel.
I’m starting to like wearing dresses.
I don’t believe in love.
High school's filled with drama.
My parents have faith in me.

I’ve bought shoes this month.
A blogger bitched about me before.
I hate sports.
I heart Italian food.
I hate meeting new people.
I hate nail polish.
The mother bear gives me hugs.
People should start appreciating me.
High school was the worst time of my life.
I have red hair.
One Utama is my second home.
I’m a guy.
I’m scared of my Biology exam.
I hate vacations.
We’ll last.
I believe in long distance relationships.
I’m going to get high and smoke weed one day soon.
I’ve robbed an old lady.
I’m starting to like applying make-up.
I was a tomboy.
At times I think I still am a tomboy.
I love bitching about people behind their backs.
I still have a best friend.
I have a cat.
I hate surprise parties.
I hate planning parties.
I’m hot.
I’m a sinner.
I’ve got a DS light. (what is DS light?)
I have a Wii.
I can live without music.
Video games are a waste of time.
I miss the father bear.
I love being in love.
I know how to cook.
I have 100% freedom.
Boys are assholes.
I hate Math.
I love horror films.
I’m happy with what I have.
I slept in my parents’ room for 3 days after watching Scream when I was a kid.
My old friends keep in touch with me.
I don’t read newspapers.
The news is such a waste of time.
Blogging is a waste of time.
I hate animals.
I can’t live without make-up.
I curse like a pirate.
I’m happy with my 11 year old car.
I hate people that are smart.
I love Apple Juice.
I can’t drink for nuts.
I believe that everyone in their teens have lost their virginity.
I’ve got a new phone.
I’m going to get a new pair of shoes by the end of this month.
I love swimming.
I haven’t worked out since March.
I think I’m fat.
I love my friends and family.

Not much of the statements are true neither relevant to me. =.="

Here you go, the second tag,

Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1st : What's your name?
>Steward Baba

2nd : How old are you?
>18 years, 6 months

3rd : What are three electronics you can't live without?
> handphone, labtop, television

4th : Are you amazing?
> What do you think? :)

5th : What is the brand of the phone you are using?
> Nokia. Nokia lover, LOL.

6th : What colour is your phone?
> Black

7th : Have you slept in school before?
> Not in school. During lecture in Uni, yes. To be more specific, Physics lecture. =.=

8th : How long are you online in one day?
> When I am free. Erm, I am free all the time....? LOL.

9th : How would you describe yourself?
> Indescribable and complicated. =.="

10th : What's your favourite topic to talk about?
> Any random topics. I am 18, by the way.

11th : Which teacher do you like?
> MATHEMATICS, especially. All of them actually except for some......

12th : Who do you think is the most handsome in your class?
> Have to reveal his name? He is going to have big head later after reading this. =)

13th : Who are you currently aiming on?
> I aim to meet all my newly-met friends, either through Facebook, Blog, Plurk or Friendster. Gonna see them in real. =)

14th : Do you know a lot of your sibling's secrets?
> I think so.

15th : How do you rate your sibling?
> I don't get the question but how I wish that I can have a big brother to lean on.

17th : Do you judge people?
> It's irresistable and it's bad, some more if you don't know them well.

18th : Do you run?
> Yes

19th : Are you lazy to tag people?
> Tag in terms of what.......?

20th : Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
> My beloved Mommy =)

21st : What's 2 + 2?
> It is a Mathematical question in which the answer will be four. LOL.

22nd : Who's your idol?
> Family & Friends. (does this count? hope so. =)

23rd : Are you a monster?
> If you to call my scientific name, Homo Sapiens, yeah, I do sound like a monster. =.=

24th : Do you play with Barbie dolls?
> I played with Pink Panther, Bear, and Teletubbies dolls before but not barbie... (what have I said?)

25th : What was the last movie you watched?
> Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa. It rocks!

26th : What do you think about your English?
> So-so. Still have lots to improve.

--where is question 27?--

28th : Who do you hate?
> Backstabbers, the so-called "friend" who depreciates, fakers

29th : Do you love yourself?
> Try to but it's hard.

30th : Blurt out 5 random words
> I...... (Breathe Easy by Blue is playing, the chorus part... =.=)
> MOMMY!!!


I do this tag for myself. So, I won't be tagging. But if you are interested in doing this after reading it, you can request me to tag you. LOL.

Have a great day! =)

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