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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Facebook Hater

I was browsing through Innit and find this particular post that is a bit offending. I don't usually dang other bloggers' posts in Innit but I was just really PISSED..

His post.
His Innit post.

I was stunned by the words he used in describing Facebook. I was like WTF. Okay, this really pissed me off because I never used WTF in my post. Hope this will be the first and the last.

Thought of leaving comment anonymously in his post but he didn't allow. Better still, I do it here. So here you go.


He said,
"With that of millions and millions of mother fucking applications, it is somehow getting too crowded. It lags whenever I log into it. It is like what the fuck?!"

I say,
Do you know that you can just delete the applications if you don't bother about them anymore? You need me how to teach you? Just go to the application setting and remove all your applications. If your friends give you any requests on any applications, you can choose to ignore. DO YOU REALISE THAT THERE IS A "IGNORE" BUTTON THERE!? No one says that you will not be friends if you ignore their requests, unless you so-called friends interpret it that way. No hard feeling.


He said,
"....Talking about Facebook popular games, I don't even give a damn on that. I can easily find my own website to download and play online games such as World of Warcraft or Maple. To tell you the truth, I don't play noob games like those in Mofunzone and Miniclip anymore. By the way, if you have interest in playing flash games, which you don't need to download big files, I suggest you to play in Shockwave. We don't freaking need Facebook games!..."

I say,
Same as above. You don't like it, don't add it!


He said,
"Facebook is like plagiarizing Friendster all the way through. For example, why the hell do we need a "wall"? Why don't they name it Comment Box instead? And what the penis head does the Super Poke do? Thats like so lame. Just fuck off and suck all the dicks out there."

I say,
Do you know the real meaning of "comment"? Get your dictionary and find it. In Friendster, your friends don't leave any comments about YOU at all, aren't they? They used the Comment Box to leave any messages as to say Hi or Thanks for the add or Nice to meet you or Thanks for the approve or what so ever? You considered these as comments? Then how about the message services provided there? Yes, I do realise it is quite troublesome to use the message service and so, I myself also using Comment Box. =P

But, what I don't like what you have written is that IS IT A PROBLEM FOR YOU IF FACEBOOK USED THE TERM, " WALL"? It is just a metaphor. You can drop by and leave your messages at your friends' profiles without bothering whether it is a comment or otherwise.

Superpoke? So, it is another way to interact with your friends. I wonder why you have to take everything so hard? Tell me, in Friendster, after leaving comments, what else can you do? The applications in Facebook are just the provided alternatives for you to communicate with your friends. If you don't want to add, fine! Just leave your words on your friends' WALL. But then, don't criticize about the applications unless you can make one yourself.


My other "Say"s.....

How old are you to judge the creator Facebook? I am not sure whether they will gain any money from the advertisement, but, WTH, why do you care so much? If you think you are so smart, create social network website yourself!

How many anonymous friends' request that you have accepted and how many anonymous friends that you have invited in Friendster? Fine, plenty! After becoming "friends", how many of them are still in touch with you....?

And you says, "don't show off with your Facebook." Then, what does this mean?
*This was captured on 16 November, 7.19pm.

You see? I don't judge people from their posts. I am just COMMENTING on their posts. =)

p/s If you hate Facebook, why don't you delete your account and move on with your Friendster life? But, apparently, you still have it. LOL.

p/s 2 This is just my thought. And to the author, please use proper language that everyone can understand. The creator may not know what does c***i mean. :)

p/s3. I still use my Friendster. :)


~A Facebook fanatic


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...


i see that guy post also.. muahaha...

earn.. facebook earn so damn many billionair le.. kaka...

anyway.. this is ppl thinking lah.. no need care what ppl think leh..

freedom of speech..

just like.. u hate shit smell.. but everyday u still need shit...

he hate facebook..but still use.. haha

ha ha ha.. cheer

jasonmighty said...

Ohh...I agree with you totally. I still feel Facebook is better. You can choose what application you want and what you don't.

Talking about loading speed. I find Frienster is always slower than Facebook.

Games. Facebook is not about games. Its about interaction with your friends. Why the hell do he have to compare it with Maple and WoW.

Wall. Isn't it a better metaphor than comment box ^.^ Saying hi is not a comment at all.

All in all, nice post you have here.

3POINT8 said...

wow, a true 'facebook hater' hater

Cathy said...

I see fire!!!@@

did you just burn me??hahaha..jk la..

Anyway, FACEBOOK thumbs up..
FRIENDSTER still ok lar..not so complicated but still, FACBEBOOK rocks..bluekk