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Monday, November 17, 2008

First Encounter With Justin Wai Khan

Today, I mean, yesterday. Okay, to make everything easy, it was on Sunday, 16 November 2008 since I made this post quite late. I hope I have made it clear with the day. =.=

I have a day out, again. Since last 2 weeks I have been going to Ipoh consecutively during weekends. This time I went with Yi Herng, Ahkar, Tidha and To (3 Myanmar buddies, sorry if there is any misspelling in names). And yes, needless to say we used bus. We went to Ipoh Parade and Jusco.

The Myanmar buddies were going there to buy some stuff back to their country. As for me and Yi Herng; Well, I think I better put it this ways: Yi Herng is going to meet his high school friends and me, is looking forward to meet my online-met friend, none other than Justin Wai Khan. Perhaps some of you may know him already since he has tagged me quite a number of times before.

Well, upon reaching Ipoh Parade, 5 of us went to Kopitiam to have our lunch first as waiting for Justin to show up at 12.15pm. It was 11.45 when we were having our lunch. Frankly, I was lazy to upload the photos of the food but they insisted, I mean, Yi Herng and Myanmar's friends. So, here you go.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop
Ice Blended White Coffee
(I don't even know there is such drink. It is nice though)
Later, Justin arrived but we haven't done with our lunch and so, he was waiting at the other side of the shop and to have his order called. When we went look for him, he said we can go out already. How about his order then? He said he just skipped it and go. I hope I get the fact right. =.=

Before I talked more about my first encounter, I would like to talk about our day out first. Well, after the lunch, we just went around the Parade to buy something.

Random pictures of Ipoh Parade

Unfortunately, there was no group photos taken. I was rather sad about it. =(

Then, Ahkar and Tidha, and me get ourselves a necklace. Mine is the one shown below, with my name carved on it. It cost me, RM44.90 in which I declare the SPENDING OF THE DAY... lol.

After loitering about for few hours, we went to Medan Gopeng for me to buy bus ticket. Justin drove us there. Thanks for the ride, Justin!

Well, later, we planned to go to Jusco. Actually, our Myanmese friends and myself planned to look for barber shop to have our hair cut. But when we were in Parade, the offered price was way too "cheap" just to make our hair short. In the middle of the journey, Yi Herng's mother called him to go back home where she would fetch him at Jusco. And so, Justin just dropped us there. He went home right after that.

Eventually, I was left with Myanmese friends. After shopping at the supermarket, buying some stuff at the book shop, and also, me treating them with Big Apple donuts (in which they told me that they never had them), we went to the barber shop outside Jusco where I used to have my hair cut there. Unfortunately it was closed and coincidentally, the bus arrived as it was 5pm. And so, we get into the bus and left for UTP.


Speaking of my first encounter with Justin, well, I would say it was a bit odd even though we do contact each other through online. As said, it was first time to meet him in real. We hardly talked throughout the day. Thinking of starting a conversation but my mind was just blank. No topic was running in my mind. May be there were but the introvert and shy part of me refraining me from doing so. Darn, I hate this part of me. I am not sure whether this situation is normal though, but the others were just saying, "Yes, it is normal" but I just feel a bit guilty about it as I may not appear as friendly in real compared to myself in the virtual world. Perhaps because of that, he choose to leave after dropping us at Jusco after knowing that Yi Herng won't be joining. It will be, yeah, odd. =.="

Overall, well, he looks exactly the same as in his profile pictures. What I mean is that, some people looks so different in real compared to photos but he is not the case, okay, at least to me. Erm, it is only that he is smaller in size than as I imagined because in the pictures he looks quite a big size eventhough Yi Herng keeps on hinting me that he is short and small. Justin, I hope this doesn't offend you. By the way, Justin, I still remembered that one of your nick name is "cutie" as in your tag post. Frankly, I find that is quite true after meeting you. LOL. =)



Our first encounter may be odd but I won't say it is not a good thing as said, it was our first meet. Anyway, hope that everything will get better in the future so that we can spend more time together to get to know you more. I won't want our friendship to be only in virtual world but also in the real world too. Just stay in touch and enjoy your holidays.

By the way, yes, my hair is long and I really need that hair cut but too expensive lor. And, thanks for your willingness to drive me to Medan Gopeng. I hope I don't trouble you. Really appreciate it. Again, thank you...! :)


JuStiN [WaI KhaN] said...

Haha.. I was laughing while reading your post.. Yea.. It's quite odd.. I felt sorry to you too as i was not brave enough to take the 1st step to talk to you.. Maybe we both are quite bashful.. And maybe we have not much topic to talk about.. Hope that we will have a better conversation next time.. Maybe next year?? :) Do i really look big size in picture?? Lolx.. In fact, im quite thin.. My friend called me DRUG ADDICT recently.. Haha.. Am i really that cute? Lolx.. *cover face* You didnt trouble me.. I scared my driving skill will contribute to your heart attack.. Haha.. Anyway, nice meeting you all.. Good luck and all the best in your final.. Happy holidays (i mean after your final :P) !!! Take care and stay in touch.. =)

p/s: Will update a post about our 1st encounter soon.. Stay tuned.. XD


Steward Baba said...

LOL. I wonder is so funny that you have to laugh. haha...

Drug addict? Gosh! The word is so harsh to me. Where got? Just a little petite. Yalor, after seeing you in real, I can see why your friends call you "cutie". Don't feel disgusted. It's true. lol.

OMG.. where got? You drive quite well leh. Me, even lesen also don have yet. =.=

Thank you and stay in touch, too..! =)