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Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Like Facebook

Just a polite way for me to express that, "I hate Friendster!"

Why? It has been few days that I cannot login due to some sort of maintenence is going on. I wonder why they have to take such a long time to do it. One thing I wonder, everytime this so-called maintenence session is over, not once, not twice, not thrice, plenty of times, sorry to say but I don't see any different in the mechanism of this social network website. It is still the same, and it is still lame.

Facebook may not have fancy layout as Friendster has in which you can create your own interactive background for your Friendster account but I would say, Facebook will allow you to interact with your friends in lots of ways through the provided applications rather than just leaving comments. The point is, as long as you can stay in touch with your buddies, that is already good enough.

Sometimes when I browse through Friendster, some of them have this exaggerating layout which may suck your eyeballs out of your socket. It is way too much sometimes, I guess they are so obsessed with it in which I think is worthless for spending all your time just to do that. But, I still have to support Friendster anyway since lots of my friends prefer Friendster as for me to keep in touch with them.

Nevertheless, my favourite social network website now will be none other than


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jasonmighty said...

This is so true. I hate Friendster too. Facebook is simple yet offers so much more.