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Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Emotion

It is already Friday and about two hours to go will be Saturday. The study week almost reaches its end and at the mean time, dateline is getting closer and closer. Yet, I haven't fully prepared for my final exam. To be frank, I did plan for my study schedule perfectly as I can catch up with every subject. But, there is always unforeseen circumstances that keep on ruining everything.

And, I am not really in the mood of studying, right at this moment. Actually, I have planned to study the freaking hard Organic Chemistry for today. Somehow, I woke up late. One thing. At IRC, since I brought my laptop along so-called to revise using lecture slides, but ending up glued my eyes onto Facebook and blog. That is another thing. Lose my concentration for the day. To make it short, I didn't study anything at all. All I have done just crapping around, hanging around, dreaming around. Just like a lifeless people who has nothing better to do but to disturb people. Sound so immature and childish, am I? Well, I am just being me. Or am I? I am not so sure either. I find myself so complicated to be intepreted by others, including myself.

Lots of things happen lately. Yesterday, one of my juniors (I don't know and never see him though) has passed away due to cardial attack after playing football with his friends late evening. I feel so bad for him. I mean, his has just started his Uni life this semester and so unfortunate it has to end this way. Let mourn for him for a while. Lets the Almighty God bless his soul in heaven.

Last night, Mommy called me that she was admitted to emergency ward. No big deal though. May be it was. She has sudden breathing difficulty and consequently, I guess she was freaked out and so, her heart was pounding too fast and lead to high blood pressure. She is doing fine now. Doctor has prescribed her to consume daily medicine to ease her high blood pressure. Don't worry so much, Mommy. Just relax and have a good rest, always.

Back to me, I have nothing to share. I don't know what to say but as said earlier, things just happen and get me so emotional right now, for the past few days. I am sure I have done nothing wrong but it can be due to anything. Speechless. Motionless. Lifeles. Meaningless. Just some random words that popped into my mind. Yes, random.

I should be strong enough to bear with this. I can pretend but how long will this last, I wonder. Too sad that this life will never be a fairy tale, may be to me. Guess I think too much right now. Anyway, I am going to be fine.

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Mohd Nasri Md. Nasir said...

err when its your final exam?