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Thursday, November 13, 2008

TITANIC Obsession [Part Nine]

Another post of my obsession, TITANIC. I guess it has been a while I didn't post about it.

The featured song below is my favourite soundtrack of the movie which is only music with no lyrics. It is played in the movie when Rose hesitates to leave Jack behind by getting into the boat to save herself. Apparently, she can't let him go and so, she jumps back to the ship where this leads to the "You Jump, I Jump" scene, I guess everyone knows which scene is it, unless you haven't watched the movie.

Unable to Stay, Unwilling To Leave

The song starts to hit me at 0.44 where all the emotion comes into me. I am moved with the flow and its melody. I can imagine that in the movie, the boat is being lowered down and Rose keeps on seeing Jack who remains on the deck. She looks at women and children around her who are crying and waving to their loved ones. Then, she looks back at Jack again. Thinking that she may not have the chance to meet him again, she jumps back to the ship and this happens when the song plays at 1.39.

But when it comes to 2.37, the song brings me down. I think that they should have remove that part. This reminds me of Cal chases after Jack and Rose with the shooting gun scene. That is not romantic and that does not fit the song title, at all.

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