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Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Day of My Foundation Studies

Today marks the end of my lectures, not only for the semester, but also for the whole foundation studies life. Can't believe that everything almost ends. Somehow or rather, it is too fast for me. It likes that I have just started my brand new studies life here. There were times when I was here, how I wish that I would be home as soon as possible. It is not that I don't like it here. I am just missing the comfort and the warmness of my home sweet home, where all my beloved family members are beside me. Guess that I have learnt to be strong right now.

Ironically, the feeling has turned to be opposite. Frankly, I hope that the time will pass me by slowly. I just cannot accept the fact that I am going to leave this campus in 3 weeks time. Meaning that, I am going to leave my Uni friends. Plus, I will be flying all the way, back to Bintulu, Sarawak. It will be so hard to see them, except when we back to Uni for the next semester, and of course, this will go on for the next four years, throughout my undergraduates studies period. Someone of you may think that I am kinda pathetic to be thinking in such way, sounds so emotional. Well, this is who I am. It is not that I am not realising that we will be meeting up again next time, but a little moment of separation, is already emotional enough for me to bear.

Learn to appreciate and treasure everyone around me, family and friends, has been my life priority. People tend to regret after losing someone in their life and in some of the cases, you will never get him or her back. Hope that I will not be one of them.

Gosh! This post sounds way to personal to be read. Anyway, next week will be having study week before the battle begins on 24 Nov. Wish all my batch mates all the best and see you all back next year. =)

And, this is especially for.....
Eric Matthew Capel
Graham Tan Ban Hock
Michael Wong Sing Lung
Koh Liang Yi
Tan Fang Yee
Some of you may know, they have been involved in a car accident on Wednesday, on their way back from Ipoh to the campus. The condition of the car was devastated. Fortunately, no serious injuries happened. They are all doing fine now. Praise and Thank God that all of you are okay.... :)


~jaSminE~ said...

OMG!!how did it happen?
glad that they're all fine.

Steward Baba said...

Their car went out of control when Graham tried to drive the car back to the normal position as it was deviated away from the road.

The car so turned as it was rolling over the ground, twice and eventually landed on its upright position. You can visit Liang Yi's blog to see the condition of the car. Thank God they can survive that.