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Friday, November 7, 2008

It Almost Ends

One week to go will be STUDY WEEK.
Two weeks to go will be FINAL EXAM.
Three weeks to go will be SEMESTER BREAK.


Test season was finally over today. Finally really can relax myself before the real exam is coming up soon, I suppose. Nah..... Not the right time to talk about it now. Think of distress for the rest of the weekend. Darn, I nearly forget that I have Chemistry long report to be done. wth...

Anyway, I am delighted for those who come out with this idea to make a special blog for the UTP January08 Batch. I guess the theme is "Sharing is Caring". I am still wondering who is the admin or the author of the blog? Hmm...... Anyway, do keep the blog updated from time to time.

*note: Only invited readers have the grant access to the blog.

A little suggestion from me: Why don't add all of us become the authors of the blog so that each and everyone of us can post our thoughts there. That will be definitely meet the theme of the blog. =)

Really like the header of the blog. All of us are inside, except those who have left last semester.

Compared with this collection that I made last semester. (sorry, some of you may not appear here as there were lots of us at that time and, limited space)Lots of sweet memories wandering in my mind now. :)

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