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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boring University Life so far.....

I received a comment, verbally from my friend said that I posted too much about songs in my blog. Well, music is a part of my life, and this blog, is particularly about my life.

Oops! I almost forgot that UTP is a part of my life too. Damn it! I guess I have held back my studies life way too long already since ConvoFair.

Here you go, few of recent updates of my pathetic challenging life as a university student.

1. I have just sat for my Chemistry test last Friday as you all know. I score 31 out of 35. More than I expected despite of the fact that what a lousy Chemistry lecturer I have with zero-lecture that I have attended. I think I can survive through Chemistry without her.

2. My madness is here. Engineering Mathematics quiz last Monday. The questions were easier than I thought. Calculus, derivatives, differentiation. *faint* (I mean, you) I think can score full *cough* (and you) mark for that *cough* (yeah, you again).

3. ICIS lecture is getting boring. And, we have assignment to accomplish: create a website. Pretty hard I guess since I am outdated and dumb about this thing. Even posting into this blog sometimes also goes “hair wire”. It is a group work, by the way.

4. Upcoming drama presentation. Final draft is yet to be finished. Few weeks to go will be revealing the fake talent in me. Featuring Chua Wee Kheng, Chan Yi Herng, Laura Tiong and Tan Xiao Ci, in a drama entitled, "........". Coming soon.

5. Physics? Let me put it this way. I swear to my self that I will never sit stand again, thank you very much. I have had enough of this.

Last but not least, tomorrow will be the monthly IPOH Day.

Till next time.

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