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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Discriminalise Prostitution

Hold on a second. Don’t get too excited over the title. I am not providing any prostitute service around here. Frustrated? Blame your own uncontrollable lust and sexual desire.

It was the motion of our debate competition. And, we were the government side. Interesting, apparently we need to support prostitution to be legalized. That means, we have to defend the prostitutes of what they are doing. (How hypocrite I am for saying this) By the way, I guess you know what a prostitute is. Do I need to define it for you? The simplest way of explaining it is a person who “takes money for sex” (recall the lawyer in “Losing Isaiah” said this. Nothing much about it, just for fun)

Our points for arguments:
1. Harm Principle – everyone has the right to do anything he or she wants, provided others are not harmed. So, a prostitute is free to use his or her body for sexual desire with the clients without interfering others.
2. Reduce crime rate. Less rape cases as the man can go for the prostitute for the service.
3. Sex tourism – no idea.

We lost. I guess we should. Or else, it will be more prostitutes around here (I am not implying there are prostitutes in UTP here. But in other big cities, I have no much comment about it). It will be heaven for those lusty men or women. Have a different idea? Share.

Nevertheless, I feel sorry for the lost though as what I heard the difference of our score and the opponent only 4 marks away. I am sucks for being the first speaker as this is my first time joining this kind of debate, only 30 minutes for preparation. More to spontaneous speech. I failed in carrying out my role. Oh well, just hope for the best next time (as if I will be joining it again!)

A little something to share.

“If you wanna have sex, get married and do as many times as you want.

Don’t want to get married, go get a girlfriend (s).

Don’t have a girlfriend, masturbate!”

No offence!


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