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Monday, August 25, 2008

The End of Beijing 2008 Olympic

24th August 2008

The final day of Beijing 2008 Olympic

After 16 days of tears and joys, everything eventually comes to an end

With 51 Gold medals, China makes it to the top of the ranking, seems to be easily defeating the first runner up, USA which has only 36 Gold medals despite of the fact that USA has won more medals than China. Rusia Federation at the third position managed to grab 23 Gold medals.

As for Malaysia, we managed to get one Silver medal through Badminton event via Lee Chong Wei, world no. 2 badminton player in men single. Even though he lost in the final yet it is still an achievement to be proud of. This proves that Malaysian athletes are able to be compatible with international athletes.

We are proud of you,


For those who miss the closing ceremony like I do, click here to view.

Congratulation to China for holding the biggest event in the world.
It is truly a great success!

See ya in London 2012.

*Beijing 2008 has much more creative and self-identity logo, I must say.*

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