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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Symphony Fest 2008

2 August 2008

For those who like playing with all sorts of musical instruments like piano, violin, saxophone, guitar etc or anyone who simply like music, this is the night that you should not miss. There are lots of performances that can blow the music fans away. (at the time you’re reading this, it already passed. Oh well, still have next year)

Chriss, if you are still here, I guess you must be crazy about that night.

There are about 8 series of performance which include:

1. UTP choir
2. UTP Virtuoso
3. UTP Gamelan
4. UTP Chamber group
5. UTP Orchestra Group
6. UTP Orchestra Indian
7. UTP Orchestra Chinese
8. UTP Performing Arts Group

p/s I think the organizer should work out a bit on the transition from one performance to another so that still can have the audience’s attention before letting them deviate away while waiting for the subsequent show.

No matter what it is, it has been a great night!

UTP Choir

Playing piano

Playing violin

UTP Orchestra

UTP Indian Orchestra

UTP Chinese Orchestra

UTP Performing Art Group

*Sorry for the blurry images*

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