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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Titanic 2: Beached Beauties

While I was browsing through the E! website (I can say today is just a lucky day for me), I spotted something that get my attention. “Titanic 2: Beached Beauties”.

Titanic 2?

As a Titanic (fanatic a bit but almost can memorize every line in the movie) fan, for sure I went to click on it. At the moment I saw it, I thought we are going to really have the second movie of Titanic. It will be so great if that come true. Actually, it is not.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are going to light up the theater screen, not as Jack and Rose definitely, in the movie, “Revolutionary Road” which is directed by Kate’s hubby, Sam Mendes. It has been a long while we didn’t see these two celebrities act together ever since the biggest movie that ever made. Leo and Kate have a great chemistry in Titanic, I must say.

Frankly, after Titanic, I hardly can see Kate Winslet acts though. The latest news that I know is she stars with Cameron Diaz in a movie, The Holiday. I haven’t watched the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio, on the other hand, keeps on hitting the cinema every year. Nevertheless, my favourite role of his will be the one in Titanic as Jack Dawson, same goes for Kate Winslet.

I am anticipating the premier of “Revolutionary Road". Really miss them acting together.

*again, Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave is playing in the background while I am posting this.
Really can’t get enough of them both*

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