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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Best Lecture ever in UTP

It has been three weeks since the first lecture started. All I can say everything is just normal as usual. Going to lectures, sleeping during lectures, skipping lectures, going late to tutorials, going late to CALL Lab, et cetera…et cetera…. bla! bla! bla!

As a Mathematics fan, I will say Engineering Mathematics II so far is the BEST lecture ever I attend this year. Being mentioned in my older posts, we are learning CALCULUS! Damn interesting. We already learnt few topics on differentiation. Gosh! Really having fun dealing with all those questions!

What kind of questions that have my attention so badly that I am crazy about? Here are some examples:

Haha! I am not challenging you to solve the questions. Just wanna share a little thing that somehow cheers my Uni life here.

Pretty pathetic, am I? Use Maths to cheer me up. Oh well, just have fun. =)

*That doesn’t mean I am really good at it. And, if you want to answer the questions, leave a comment. Ekeke…”

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