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Monday, April 20, 2009

End of 3-day Holidays

I have done nothing on Saturday, other than sleeping and eating. Seriously. Woke up early at 9 just to do my laundry. And then, watching HEROES series, I would say, the whole day. Hardly touched my books. Well, I didn't touch them at all. But, it has been a long time I didn't have such a day, without books. Feel so, free? Nevertheless, the feeling of guilt is there for lazy-ing around. Feel so sorry, erm, to myself.

It has been 2 months that I didn't go to Ipoh town, I mean, Ipoh city. So, I acompanied my friend, Fazlee to go there on the next day. Guess this was the first time I went to the city in the early morning, as we reached Ipoh Parade at 9.30am where all the shops were not opened yet. While waiting, we have a sip of drink at Starbucks there. After buying some stuff, we planned to play bowling at Ampang Superbowl there. Unfortunately, the lanes were fully booked and so, we proceeded to Jusco right after that (can say, just for the sake of playing bowling). Having lunch at Pizza Hut, playing games at don't-know-the-name-game-station-next-to-cinema, bowling again, having dessert at Secret Recipe, and then we left. Spent only RM70 for the day.

This morning, woke up at 12.00pm. Well, I think it should be afternoon already when I woke up. Guess I was too tired. Study for upcoming test and having campus run training in the late evening. Having dinner at v5 and now I am here, sleepy, watching Misha Omar singing Bunga-bunga Cinta, blogging. Oh well, my holidays were simply, that. Will back to sleep right after this.

2 weeks of lectures on the countdown with these things to be done:
1. Engineering Design Exhibition PR Duty
2. Physical Chemistry Test 2
3. Moral Assignment 2
4. Tennis Practical Test
5. Sport Carnival (campus run)
6. Academic Writing Research Report
7. Organic Chemistry Test 2 (unconfirmed)
8. Oil & Gas Test (unconfirmed)
9. --------

Till then.

*I am being okay, for the whole day. I am just thinking, something. Some stuff. ;)

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