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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last Day of 18

Have campus run this morning. Running around UTP campus. V6 - Chancellor Hall - behind of new academic complex - V5 - V4 - V2 - V1 - V6. Managed to complete in 26 minutes time. Not bad for a guy like me, eh? A nerdy guy, am I not? For males, top there spots are taken by international students. They are damn good runner, I must say. The champion is from Chemical Engineering department, the department that I represent. As for female, Xiao Ci, my batchmate from Technology department grabs the top spot. Congratulation!

Few hours to go, 18-year-old me will come to an end. Wish the time could pass by a bit slow because somehow I am not ready yet.

Anyway, happy birthday to Michael. ;)

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