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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's April

It is now April, first April. Does it remind you of anything? Yeah, it is "lame" April's Fool Day. Thankfully, I was not fooled by someone, well, not today at least. Everything just went on as usual. Yet, I was damn tired and still have to prepare for tomorrow quizZES. As you can see, from my book, I end up blogging here.

Just yesterday, PETRONAS F1 team (I think, I am not really sure) has an exhibition in my Uni. They have some sort like race car demonstration as well, around the campus. I have no opportunity to watch the event though since I was stuck with my work. Manage to take a photo of the race car below.

That's all.

It was 7th Dean's List Award and Foundation Graduation Certificate Ceremony today, 2pm, at Chancellor Hall. With feeling of gratitude, I am thankful that I get to graduate my Foundation studies with Dean's List, my second Dean's List Award. I am now officially graduated from Foundation and a freshman in undergraduate studies now. For the upcoming semesters, I hope that I am able to achieve my goals.

Just an update for you all, Foundation Department is now known as Fundamental and Applied Sciences Department. Starting May 2009, trimester system is being launched (for Foundation only). Within period of one year, there will be like 3 semesters of studies which still cover the same courses. Some say this is to cut down the holidays. Who knows?

Another thing, I was awarded by Grace for "I Love Your Blog". Thanks, Grace for nominating. Didn't know that you love my blog so much. Haha...I will nominate my choices of blogs for the awards next time. Have to go now. Till then. =)

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