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Friday, April 10, 2009


I was just done with my DE Test 2 around one hour ago. Made a stupid mistake, and again, failed to get full mark this time. The only subject that I can get perfect score, and I could not make it just because of ONE mistake. Really hate myself. Feel so down and frustrated. Think that I set the target too high. Guess that I was over confident. Oh well, will let it go soon enough.

Left with Physical Chemistry Test, Organic Chemistry Test, Oil & Gas Test, Organic Chemistry Quiz (why must he keep on postponing the quiz?). 3 weeks to go before study week. One month to go before final exam. After that, I can go back to home sweet home. How ironic though, wish the time could pass by a bit faster, at the same time, wish the time could pass by a bit slower because I am not ready for anything, yet.

Will be off for Moral Studies Social Work at Kuala Kangsar tomorrow, to an orphanage home. Hope it will fun, spending times with those children. Another moment to be cherished. Will blog about if I could. Till then...

*Have a blessed Good Friday. He died on the cross for you because He loves you, that much.


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