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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well, well, well. It has been a while I didn't write here and some people keep on asking for not updating this blog for quite sometimes. As you can see from previous post, I have been busy with stuff. Eventually, this week come to an end. I could really take a break for a while and enjoy my weekend.

On duty last Wednesday as an adjudication PR officer, my first hand experience in holding such post, in a quite big event like Engineering Design Exhibition (EDX) 23. Although it is just a small post, the task is not real easy one as I have to deal with judges since I have to usher them from booth to booth in order to do the evaluation on participants' project. The key in my task is communication skill since I am interacting with lecturers and officer from outside (external judges). Any mistakes could have ruined everything, no room for being careless. Somemore, each judge come to the spot at their own time. My job is to make sure that they stick together to do the judging. Glad that everything went well. Just to assess 10 booths has been tiring enough for me. Anyway, it has been hectic day but I did enjoy my duty actually. Somehow it proves that I am capable in doing some other things, I suppose. Hope have the chance to be part of it again in the near future.

Having Physical Chemistry test on the same day, at night. Hard? Not really. But, damn the lecturer gave the wrong formula in the appendix, causes me to make a mistake in which I could have done it right. Hate this.

Tennis test on Thursday night. Thankfully, I pass, for now as there will be another round next week. Regret taking this course, merely due to conformity because I am really sucks at it. I have no passion. Guess I have to be more firm with my own decision next time. Will hate myself more if this course screws up my result, GPA particularly.

Right after that, I rushed back to prepare for Book Fair committee interview. I applied for Ceremony and Protocol. Out of 12 candidates, they only need two. God, wondering if I would get selected. I suppose to receive my message (if I get selected) by midnight but I didn't receive any. Lose hope of waiting? Kind of and with all those negative thoughts in my mind. Nevertheless, I told myself that if I don't get it this time, there is still tomorrow, there is still another chance. Somehow, I got it. Glad? Relief? Indescribable, actually.

Most important thing is, FINAL EXAM TIMETABLE is finally released. My paper will start on 13 May and ends on 19 May. And, best part of all is that I will be home on 20 May. Can't wait to go home after leaving it since the beginning of this semester. Miss everything over there! All old friends (especially those from Matriculation) are now back. It's about time to see them all, after so long.

Guess that's all I have gone through my week. Needless to be long-winded.

I'm done for this semester!

Time flies, guys.

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