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Monday, April 20, 2009

Time & Understanding

I am not sure why. I am not sure how. I am not sure what. I am not sure when. But, I am sure who.

Thing changes with passing of time. The time won't need to be long. It can take months or may be weeks. Days? It can be possible. There is always uncertainty exist in everything. These few days, I have noticed something. May be not days, guess it has been weeks. Notice something there is a bit of difference. As the first line portrays, something has changed. Not everyone around me, it is just something in me, that is unexplainable.

Sometimes feel that the closer that you get to someone, easier to get hurt. Perhaps closer in terms that we spend much time together, yet still don't understand you. They may do it intentionally or otherwise, the wound is already made. It heals but leaves scars behind. Think of it in the later time, just remind how hurt it has been. Yet, we just allow to repeat because we dare not to speak up. We are scared. Okay, I am scared.

The one who is distant from you, may spend less time together, they will never hurt you. Seriously, this is so true. You feel great when you get to be along with them. Every second means a lot, counts a lot. To me, it is more meaningful to spend too much time with someone. You are not hurt because they understand.

How irony it may sound but it has been proven true, for my case.
1. More time spent together, less understanding about you, easier to be hurt.
2. Less time, more understanding, NEVER be hurt.

So, I choose the second one because it makes me feel great about myself. At least these friends make me feel so. How I wish they know that they are true great friends.
I can deal with first one though, but there is limit for it.

Enough said.

*Close friends are dependant on how well you know each other, not the time that you get to spend. These close friends, turn out to be special ones. Somehow, you will never know or realise.


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