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Sunday, April 26, 2009


It is kind of irony that you don't like someone yet you can still be around with him or her.
It is kind of irony that you would like to keep a distance from someone yet you still allow him or her to approach you.
It is kind of irony that you dislike someone but the feeling does not progress into hate.

Despite of all the things that of what he or she has said that have hurt you.
Despite of all the things that of what he or she has done that betrayed you so badly, makes you cry in the bed.
And, he or she is doing the same thing, again and again.
Again and again, you are being hurt.

All the pain. All the sorrow. All the tears.
You just let them come into you.
But, you just couldn't hate him or her.
I just couldn't.

There is something in me that tells me that I don't have to.
There is someone that I know hinting me that I don't need to.

Learn not to care much.
Care too much is the real reason that makes you suffer.
The world may turn back on you with these people exist in your life;
You still have someone to turn to.
To make you feel good.
To make you feel great.
To make you feel contented.
Their presence will always enhance warm felt in your heart.
No matter where, no matter when, no matter what.
Even when they are not beside you.
A true friend, in deed.
What I believe, truly.

Just glad that I found them.

*Will be having campus run this morning. Surely lose but hopefully I will enjoy it.
**You always turn up without my expectation. It has made my day. It always has.

When no one was there for me
And I thought that no one cared
When the whole world walked out on me
And I thought I was alone
You were there

When the one I cared about the most
Could care less about me
When the one I gave my heart to
Threw it in my face
You were there

When all I needed was a friend
To listen to me whine
When all I needed was someone
To catch my tears
You were there

When my heart hurt so bad
I couldn't even breath
When I just wanted to crawl up and die
You were there...


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Anonymous said...

yea.all u wrote is totally true..