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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random Thought

Was watching Stuart Little this evening. The movie has been released for almost ten years and it has been a long while I didn't watch it. But, the storyline somehow is still clear in my mind. It brings a lot of memories and sweet nostalgia. The movie is all about care. Care for a friend, care for your family. The little Stuart, eventhough he is a mouse and being adopted into a human family, he has always tried to fit in, care for his family. Trying to treat the cat pet as a friend instead of his pet. It has been a hard time but he holds on. Eventually, he gets what he wants.

Life is hard. Well, no one says it is easy to get through the day. Sometimes I feel that reality is mean. World is cruel. Some survives. Some don't. Some choose to hold on. Some choose to give up. We complaint. We whine. There will be never "ENOUGH". Just say, things sometimes don't follow the way we want it to be. It is just how it works.

You may not get the things that you want.
But, being IGNORANT of things that you already have, which are just around you, will make you lose of great things.
These things are there for you, to treasure, to appreciate, to cherish.
But, sadly, we never notice.
Our WANTS has blinded of what we have.
Sense of gratitude is not there.
We chase for something that does not guarantee in return, not to mention whether you will get it in the end.
And, we neglect things that we have already in hands, which could have meant world to you.

We only treasure things when we lost it. Good for you if there is a second chance. But, not everything can be given second chance.

Random thought.

*Final exam in 3 weeks time!

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