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Sunday, April 5, 2009

University Life

I was browsing through blogs and found this post from Justin’s. The original content is written in Chinese language and it is about the University life. I do agree with some of them but there are also some that do not fit with my own perspectives.

Here are some of the translations.
1. Two person always been together everyday not necessarily are friends, they may not be anything at all.
2. There is no point making argument with others because in the end, there will be no result out of it, regardless who is right or who is wrong.
3. Handphone only comes in handy when you need it, not to keep in touch.
4. Being sincere and considerate to someone not necessarily get anything in return. Those you ignore are actually the ones that really care about you, very much.
5. You may not be able to get most of the things that you want. Some you may can only have it once.
6. Love may not be sincere and true. It may be due to mutual benefits that both get. It can be due to peer pressure.
7. High school teachers are better and more responsible.
8. When you are experiencing the downside of your life, don’t ever ask for sympathy as others may look down on you.
9. There are things that don’t belong to you. Strike to get them only causes you to suffer.
10. The difference among one another can be so huge.
11. Money is used every time and everywhere.
12. Start to hold on those you can hold on, let go those you can’t. Don’t because of holding on someone and you lose all others.
13. Some people may not believe in feelings between people (relationship), but you must believe in yourself that it is possible that may be more than everything, even though it is just probably.
14. Some people that you know in the past have changed and you cannot recognize them, but the memories remain.
15. Care too much about others can only hurt self.
16. Sometimes we have to be alone when going for classes, having meal or doing revision.
17. Feels that own hometown is the best, regardless that you are poor or rich.

How true are these to some of you? Some say yes, some say no, some say no comment. Well, everyone has their own views on certain issues. So do I.


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