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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pre-Final Exam

Today is Sunday which signifies the last day of study week. In fact, there was no study week. Last class was conducted on last Thursday. Friday until Sunday, it is not even a week. It is not even more than half of a week. Typical last minute me, only starts doing my revision today. This time, I am motivated! =)

This time I have 4 papers for my finals.
3. MATERIAL AND ENERGY BALANCES (18/11) Note: 4 credit hours! *gulps*

Then, I am done! I will be flying home on 25th. Counting days to go home, not for finals. Final exam is not everything. Home is forever! Still, have to work hard. A promise made shall not be broken.

Last Friday night, we were having Chindian Outing at Ipoh City. Was having dinner at Hoi Seng Restaurant if I am not mistaken. It was held in conjunction with the celebration of November and December babies which are Fang Yee, Graham, Kayn-U, JJ, Lawrence, and Kerry. Also, for me, it is the graduation from first year, a transition phase into second year. It costs us around RM16. The dinner was splendid. The money is worth to spend, if you are sick of eating the same food every day.

Afterwards, we went to JUSCO as they planned to go for singing karaoke. To get the cheap price, we have to wait until 12am. How to kill the time? Well, there is a chain of stories leading us there. First, movie anyone? Went there and unfortunately, it was either nice movie with wrong timing or nice timing with wrong movie. Lol.

Next, we proceed to Bowling court. Lanes were full. Disappointed. Somehow I forgot what happened next. I just can recall that we went to Coffee Bean and then McDonald. Later on, they planned to give bowling another try and this time we managed to get three lanes for ourselves.

12.00am. Singing time. My first hand experience definitely. This nightlife is something new to me. Clubbing? It is a big no-no! Karaoke is still acceptable. It has been fun though despite that we were not really singing (some are) but more to screaming? “NEXT! NEXT!” -.-"
And some awkward dances, I would say. Last song of the day was: Love Story by Taylor Swift. Lol.

Back to campus around 3am.

Guess what? 6 hours later, which was on Saturday I was heading to Ipoh again by bus, alone. This is not for self-indulgence. I just want to buy bus ticket. I am saving money at the moment. Refraining myself from spending too much this time although temptation of Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Big Apple etc are like screaming out loud in me. Control, Steward. Control. -.-

Now, I shall proceed to my studying spree. Lol.
Everyone, ganbatte yo!

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