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Friday, November 27, 2009

Introduction To Material Science

This course has been my worst enemy. I have screwed both my test 1 and test 2. Thankfully, my assignments, quizzes and project marks do help to pull up my coursework mark a bit although I still consider it is very low for me. Oh well, I have tried, as always.

This was my last paper for my final exam. Have to say, again, the questions weren’t I expected as well. All of us studied a total of 7 chapters (may be 6 since one of the chapters is just mere introduction) but then only 3 chapters were being tested. Not even 0.1% of the rests were being touched in the final paper. No matter what, just hope for the best. What matter now is, now I am done with my final exam! *yay*

Really hope the final exam won’t screw up things real bad. *pray hard*

My final paper was on 24/11, the day I would be leaving since my flight would be on next day. It’s time to finish packing and everything. Just realize that UTP is really full of dust. It is everywhere; even in the tiniest corner of your cupboard. It is all over the place. Having a hard time packing since I am kind of allergic to dust.

It is now empty again, back to square 1.

The hostel block is getting empty since some of us finished their papers earlier. It was the entire nostalgic scene again. Perhaps this will be the last time staying there. We might be moving to new hostel, a better one, with the better toilet, I hope. =)

How time flies.

*Next: Journey to Home =)
** Wish all my Muslims friends, "SELAMAT HARI RAYA HAJI".

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