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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Sunday, November 1, 2009


November is finally here. You can't freeze the time like Hiro-something-something in Heroes can do. In reality, it is impossible. Or is it? Point is, treasure the remaining time that you have before you regret it. Although there is a saying, "better late than never", it is not applicable in all situations, unfortunately. How I wish it is. -.-"

It is the month of final exam for most of us, especially for UTP-ians in which will commence in one week time. Sad case is, final draft of timetable yet to be released. Want to book my flight ticket. The fare has increased since the last time I checked it. T.T

No much time left. Tomorrow suppose to be the beginning of our study week but due to H1N1, it is cancelled to replace the lectures and all. Everyone may curse about it but nothing much we can do about it now. Just accept it and move on. We still can do it!

Alright, I have to study for tests. Blogging just to de-stress. Same wish from me:
Ganbatte yo~

*Just came back from Bukit Merah around 7.30pm. Have so much fun! Will get the photos soon! =)

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