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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tick Tock

"Don't stop, make it pop!
DJ, blow my speakers up!
Tonight, Imma fight.
Till we see the sunlight.
Tick tock, on the clock.
But the party don't stop, no

Tick Tock by Kesha.

Punishing myself for sleeping too much during day time. This song makes me stay awake the whole night. I get to study and do my revision. =)

Just to say that songs nowadays focus much on being catchy rather than on the lyrics. Still, Lady Gaga rocks! Wait, her songs are real good, both melody and words. She super rocks! haha

I love studying Material & Energy Balance (MEB).
I don't like Structured Programming & Database System (SPDS).
Introduction to Material Science (IMSE)? I haven't touched.

Currently, I am dying to watch this movie. T.T
Ipoh next weekend? =)

*Being so random today, huh? lol

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