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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Different Boats

We are not in the same boats as you claim. You may come here with the same reasons. But you have no idea of what I am going through. I don't know yours either. So, don't use my words back at me. It is totally annoying me. We may in the same boat but we are on different parts of it. =)


Oh yes! Finally, I am done with all those assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, reports etc although I am yet done with my final exam (in which all my friends in others Uni already finished theirs and at their home sweet home already. T.T) Despite of the cancellation of study week, I manage to arrange time to do my revision. Thank you to Mr. Timetable which my paper commences on 11 November and ends on 24 November, I can indulge myself for next few days without touching books, except Facebook. Give me a break after the torturing weeks that I have gone through ever since the semester starts. I hardly catch my breath, literally.

Not going to be so emo and within 3 weeks, first year is coming to an end. Gosh, we are getting older. Seeing so many juniors coming in, at the same time, seeing so many seniors leaving for their internship or even graduating. Just a matter of time, all these are going to end soon before the new chapter of our life begins.

As I have mentioned previously, we went to Bukit Merah last Sunday. Some of the photos are being posted here.

I like this jumping shot the most. =)
And ya, we went to the haunted house which cost us around RM5 each. It was not scary at all. All the effects are done manually. So obvious you can see the operators who plan to scare you. -.-"

It has been fun to spend time there. Escaping from UTP life!



*Admin, is our blog dead?

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