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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Christmas Carol

*This post is long overdue but I have promised to post this up. :)

Went to Ipoh last Friday (20 November), with Graham, Michael, Yi Herng and Chua. Graham drove, first time sitting his car. Not that the car was his. I mean, the car being driven by Graham. The last day out to Ipoh for this semester and the year, 2009 itself. Sound so nostalgic. lol

First thing, we went to have breakfast at, eh, I forgot the place's name already. -.-
One thing for sure, we were having "dim sum" and it costs RM70++ in total although the food that we ate come in minimal sizes. Ipoh is famous for its food. But then, I still forgot where have we eaten. Yi Herng treated us. Thanks, Yi Herng. =)

Afterwards, we headed to JUSCO as we planned to watch movie. Want to watch 2012 but, the tickets were sold out until 12.00 midnight! Until now, I am yet to watch the movie in cinema. T.T
In the end, we decided to watch A Christmas Carol, in which I never heard of.
The movie was nice, I guess. It is about how an old man's perception changes about Christmas. The main character was voiced by Jim Carrey, by the way. The 3D-animation looked so real. Worth watching. Still, want to watch 2012!

Before we proceed, there is another story going on before we went for out movie. Yi Herng and I have planned to meet up with Justin. By right, we should meet up at JUSCO. Miscommunication problem, I guess, when the movie was about to start, we just realized that Justin was at Ipoh Parade. He was at the wrong cinema. We just told him that we went to watch movie but we didn't specify which one was it. And, the reason he went for Ipoh Parade's one instead of JUSCO's is because I planned to have Starbucks. My bad, I guess. -.-
So, he was late for the movie.

After buying stuff at Yee Hup (a shop which sells Ipoh's delicacies such as "xiang bing" and all) to be brought back home, we went to Ipoh Parade.
Yi Herng and I went to have for our hair cut. Chua, Michael and Graham planned to go back early so they left first. Chua helped me to pay for the car rent. Thanks, Chua! =)

Justin and Yi Herng can't stay for long also since Justin has to be homed before 6pm. Went to Starbucks to be treated a drink. LOL! Thanks, Justin! =)

Before leaving to UTP alone by bus, I went to Secret Recipe to have my dinner there. Tom Yam noodle I ordered. Perfect taste of food for cold weather which has been raining for the past few days. Also, buying a slice of "durian cheese" back to campus.

Almost miss the last bus back to UTP. General last bus was at 6.40pm and I was there around 6.45pm. If I didn't get to ask sooner, I might use taxi back already. I went for Roadway Bus instead in which the last bus has already on its way. I was running in the middle of rain and traffic before getting into the bus. -.-

What an outing it has been.

*Next: Introduction To Material Science
**Finally, I am homed at 5pm on 25th November. So glad to be back again. =)

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