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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

Every time I go home, I have always been travelling alone. It is an experience of a kind, I would say. Well, guess everyone has gone through all those. But then, surely everyone has their own way of travelling experience. Others may just need a local bus ride from UTP bus stop and then, they will be homed. Some may need few hours travelling bus ride to reach their home state. Some may use train. For me, I need additional transport, a huge one. An airplane! Lol.

I left UTP at 11.00pm by taxi without bidding farewell to my dear roommate, Jonathan, who was out to play snooker. -.- I reached Medan Gopeng around 11.45pm. But then, Plusliner bus to LCCT will be at 2.00a.m. No way that I have to wait there for that long, leaving our baggage there, I went to McDonald nearby to have our supper.

Hang out there nearly 2 hours and I were back to the station to get ready for my departure. In the bus, there were only 3 passengers including me. A bit spooky. Oh well, the three hours ride passed by very fast as we fell asleep. When I reached LCCT, it was 5.00am. still have long way to go before our flight time though.
LCCT has newly-opened Starbucks. It becomes my first pit-stop, definitely.

Odd thing is that: Only me was the local customers there. Others were all foreigners.
Having RM23 breakfast which comprises Caramel Hot Chocolate and Starbucks Chocolate cake. Expensive? It is just okay for me since I have saved enough money for this. Lol.

I stayed until 11.00am, a total of 6 hours. Sleeping a bit, playing cards, Facebooking, eating a bit, reading a bit.

We proceeded to food court to have our lunch. My lunch was horrible and I am not going to order to chicken rice again. Coarse rice and salty chicken. -.- Kerry then came and joined me along there around 12.00pm. We waited there until 12.30pm before checking in.

But then, we were separated at the main door. Why? My hand-carry luggage overweight. I never faced such enforcement before. My baggage was not allowed to pass. -.- Thankfully, there was a kind old couple who is willing to check in the bag for me which cost them around RM165 and in return, I helped them to hand carry their fragile luggage into the plane. If not, I wonder how I am going to do with the luggage. This is my first bad experience using Air Asia and luckily I get this through. Next time, I am so going to use MAS!

Reached home safely around 5.00pm. It is so good to be home. =D
Perhaps this is not too late to wish everyone happy holidays and enjoy your time at home, my Uni friends. See you all in 2010!

**Have watched 2012, finally. Review in next post! Lol. Have to say, it wasn't I expected.


WK Chua said...

RM 165!! That's quite a sum of money!! O_O" By how much kgs were the luggage overweighted? Thankfully there are kind people out there and you reached home safe and sound. Happy holidays! :)

Steward Baba said...

My hand-carry luggage was 11kg. RM15/kg. Very thankful loh, they din ask me to pay, just help them to carry their stuff. Lucky me.

Happy holidays, too! =D