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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Monday, November 30, 2009


The synopsis of the movie is pretty clear, isn't it, from the poster that you can see from above. It is a disaster movie. Well, it is about the end of the world to be exact which inspired from the speculated theory that this might be real happening during the mentioned timeline as being depicted in the movie. Nevertheless, I take this movie as a mere source of entertainment without further bothering the scientific truth behind this movie.

The movie has been in cinema for more than 2 weeks now but then I only have the chance to watch it last Saturday with my family. The movie tickets were sold like "pisang goreng" as Malay saying goes. All my friends keep on saying the movie was very, very nice to the the extent that they say it is the best movie ever, with all the lessons that could be learnt from it. -.-

Perhaps I heard too many positive comments and it is overflooding in my mind, after watching the movie, it wasn't I expected. The storyline is just okay to me. May be this kind of movie is not really my cup of tea but frankly, the plot is so dry. It is predictable except for casualties. I mean, we have definitely no idea who is going to die, in vain. Nice computer graphics, though. It is very real indeed, nicely made.

Will 2012 become a reality? Is human's life cost 1 billion euro ONLY? In order to conserve the human populations, some lives need to be sacrificed? Whose? How civilized is this? So many questions to ponder.

Anyway, my rating: 3 out of 5. This movie is just another disappointment after Transformer 2.
Talking about disaster movie, I cried even more when I watched Titanic. At least the movie is not purely about the disaster. There are more than just that.

After movie, my mum planned to bring us to have lunch at Pizza Hut but then when we reached there, we spotted a newly-opened restaurant which is just next to it.

SUSHI TIE: Your Family Sushi

The first ever sushi restaurant in the town. A bit surprised to see it there. Mum decided to give it a try. The environment is quite nice. A good start, I guess for this small town of Bintulu. Spent nearly RM90 there.

Nice family outing.

SUSHI KING is coming soon, too! =D
*Starbucks and Secret Recipe, when are you coming leh? =(

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