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Friday, November 20, 2009

Material and Energy Balances

Done with Material and Energy Balances (MEB) paper on Wednesday, a 4-credit hours course. I would say it is the most fearful course among all. Every time we went to our tutorial classes, we hardly can solve the questions. Typically there are 3 questions and sometimes it took nearly an hour to finish one question. We never finish all within the 2-hour tutorial. Final exam: Allocated time is 3 hours and there are 5 questions. -.-

Looking through all the tutorials, assignments, quizzes and tests. MEB does not have much theory to be read on except for few terms that we need to know to solve the problem. MEB is all about calculation. It is just like doing problem-solving in Maths. In fact, it is way easier than Maths. The only thing that makes this course a bit tough is to really understand the questions so as to identify the needed variables and all. MEB is actually fun!

And, we need to know how to read data/values from this chart. Pyschrometric Chart.
So many lines but trust me, it it easy to read them. =)

When it comes to final exam paper that day, frankly, the questions weren't what I expect. It is scarily easy. It is not that I can solve all of them but I expect more challenging questions. 4-credit hours, what? The questions are WAY much easier than the usual problems we did in class. Way much. Anyway, hope for the best.

Final battle: INTRODUCTION TO MATERIAL SCIENCE (24/11) - 0900-1100 [my worst enemy]

*Going to Ipoh tomorrow! =)

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