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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid is a substance that lacks the ability of resisting deformation. Unlike solids, fluids undergo distinguish changes when shear force is applied. Eventually, the final shape of the fluid is no longer the same as the initial one. Mechanics is the study of forces and motion. Fluid mechanics is a study of fluid either at rest (fluid statics) or in motion (fluid dynamics) and the subsequent effect of fluid on the boundaries.

Okay, enough with long-winded introduction. Finally I am done with my Fluid Mechanics paper. FM paper is the first paper that officially launches the final for this time. It is not that easy. Not to say, it is hard either. I just didn’t get to answer the questions that I didn’t to get to revise. Even the topics that I have been reading on for how many times, I could not remember, I am so sceptical with my calculation. One simple mistake can be fatal. Worst thing is, I have memorized the most complicated formulae that I ever seen in my whole life in which I don’t know how it is derived, is not being tested, at all! My mind was so saturated with formulas, for nothing. Look at the bright side; at least I get to learn new things. Studying is not just for exam. But, I only study when there is exam. -.-"

Oh well, let bygone be bygone. It is pointless to feel sad (I am not) or disappointed (I am not, either) or worried (a bit, lol) because there is nothing we can do to change it. Look forward! All I know that I have tried my very best for it, which matters. =)

One down, three more to go. Next will be Structured Programming & Database System. I am sort of flipping through the past year papers. Gosh, I don’t even know what the questions want me to do. Psychotic! T.T

Anyway, policy of mine: DON’T BELIEVE IN PAST YEAR PAPERS!

Guess everyone is so stressed up throughout this period. Bear in mind that, this moment is just a VERY, VERY small part of our life. Don’t fall so easily. Don’t give up. Hold on. Fighting till the end. Make your every single effort worth it. =)


It was a bit too quiet for me just now. Guess I mind too much. May be I am tired. Despite that we didn’t get talked too much (like we used to), it is already good enough to have you there. To give the calm and warm feeling beneath. The moment is never awkward. How I wish if we could spend more time together though.

Anyhow, I have always accepted and respected your decision. You are my special friend, that matters. =)

*Can’t wait for this semester to end! 13 days on the countdown.

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