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Monday, January 5, 2009

School Reopens

School reopens today. First day of attending school has always been very exciting to me. I always love first day. With all those registration fees to be paid, elect the new class monitor, and stuff. Very funny, eh? Just some sweet memories. Really miss those time. University life, surely will be more exciting yet challenging but high school life will never be forgotten, too.

Being chosen as school prefect since form 2, the life of being a student has been more fun. I mean, skipping classes for duties, spotcheck et cetera. In University, think that I won't have to do such things. Still, back in Uni, I did skipped lectures for the last two semesters. I am not being lazy, okay. Even though I skipped, I still hold my responsiblity as a student. Back in high school, after PMR, life has been more hectic with all the 10 subjects that I have to take for SPM. It was exciting, though. I saw lots of students seem to give up already as they couldn't catch up but there were also some struggling to improve too. Me? I still maintain. XD

How I wish I could turn back time to experience those time again. I like school.
Well, all I can do now is to appreciate my studies life, cherish every moment of it before entering the harsh world out there. Sound scary.

Anyway, I would like express my utmost gratitude to all the teachers. Without you, I may not be what I am now. Thank you, teachers.

Expected future posts:
1. Final exam result (kinda really nervous now)
2. Self Reflection of Second Semester, End of Foundation Life
3. Going back to UTP (real soon. Start to feel the sadness of leaving)


A friend of mine told me that I have studious look.

this photo was taken in my old class back in high school. am sitting at the seat where I used to. I sat at the front row where most of the guys sat at the back.

What do you think?

Seriously? I think I look like an ordinary student with ordinary achievement. A guy next door will soon grow up, has a family (if) and leads a moderate life. May be just a typical engineer. Nothing special. I may excel in studies, this is just because I work a bit harder but not hard enough. I mean, I didn't wear glasses which adds the nerdy and studious look. And now wondering why I crap about this here?



corner's___ said...

i miss d clsaaroom very much.. suddenly wana cry pula wor~~

Steward Baba said...

Me too. I want to go to school again. =")