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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tips to Lose Weight

This post isn't really giving you full tips to lose weight though. Just to say, I do get these tips from somewhere. I only highlight some of them. The one in brackets is my response.

1. Stop eating before your full. (how do you know that what you eat is essentially enough?)

2. Eat slowly/put your fork down between bites. (tend to eat very fast when hungry/wonder if that really helps)

3. Keep a sense of humour. (seriously?)

4. Eat with cutlery, not your fingers. (no more KFC, the spicy chicken at least)

5. Blue is an appetite suppressant. (I mean, blue colour)

6. Spicy foods that may speed up your metabolism, such as chilli. (no wonder I am so skinny)

7. Strip off in front of a full-length mirror every night. (book says, this is to motivate you to lose weight, somehow)

8. Find an exercise friend to keep you company, or a dog or an IPod. (sounds fun)

These are only few, the ones that I seldom come across.
And, wonder if there are any tips to gain weight?


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corner's___ said...

Steward Baba
haha.. cn imagine la whn u cry alone...
u at btu rite.. tk more oicsss a~~ as collection.. but without ur face la, pls.. hehe.. with our frens la...