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Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Back

Finally back to reality.

The last 2 days has been a quite adventure. Flying back from home to KL on Saturday. Two hours flight. Going to Ipoh using bus on Sunday. Two and a half hours ride. Then, one friend of mine, Yi Herng, which is my coursemate, sending me back to UTP. Another forty-five minutes. Upon arrival, I immediately unpacked my luggage and got my stuff from store room. It took about 2 hours to get everything done before I nearly fainted, seriously. Guess I was damn tired.

First day of lecture, which is today. Freaking exhausted. Non-stop walking from one place to another. All our lectures are now shifted to new building complex which is about 15 minutes walk from our hostel. Imagine walking everyday, under hot sun with no shade. So chaos with the rumors about change in timetable and add/drop thing, get me so stress up and sweat all over.

*Feel the pain in the joints of my hands and legs.
**Out of 100 students, only 4 to 6 get A for Physical Chemistry - forget my lecturer's name already. So pyscho. Organic Chemistry?
*** Tired and sleepy.


天狼星 Ivanov said...

u complain too much.

i went back to my dad's place near KK sabah.
and i need to stay overnight whenever i go back there if not Kuching.

i spent whole day trip to arrive in this lovely utp..

who more kesian?


Steward Baba said...

Duh. I lagi kesian coz after this I am not going back home for CNY. >.<

And I spent 2 days to arrive here. =p