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Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Update

As I mentioned in my older post, I followed Jonathan, a friend of mine to Melaka for Chinese New Year. Just a short update, I would say it is a rather odd for me as I was the only outsider to join the occasion. Why was it odd? All his family and relatives were there, all his uncles and aunties, cousins and me, coming from nowhere, presented at the family gathering. Well, they did treat me with warmest welcome yet somehow it is a bit too much as I am still considered myself a stranger as I only know my friend well but not his family. Apparently, he has an aunt who comes from Sarawak, too. She is also an Iban. At least I have someone there who has something in common. Anyway, it has been fun. Really have to thank him and his family. One of my memories to be cheered.


Second week of this semester has ended. Done with the registration, done with the timetable. Everything is finalized. Time to get real serious, perhaps not now. May be next week, or may be a week after that, on and on. I am a guy who procrastinates. Seriously, I really have to change my attitude to my studies. I mean, to be more consistent and no more last minute but it is hard to change.


*Personal stuff rolls in.

Loneliness strikes even when you are not alone. Quite ironic, right? But I do find such statement true, and it is so cruel. Darn, wondering why thing has to be this way? Am so disappointed of myself, sometimes.

Life is hard but hope I am okay.

**Am getting lazy to update this blog daily as I was used to. Only update when I have the mood.



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