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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Friday, January 16, 2009

A really untypical day today. It has been raining everyday, here in this small town. Days and nights, we could always witness nothing but only the downpour. Washed clothes are hardly dried because of this. Blame for not having a dryer for that, not the mad sky.

But not today though. At last we could see a little sunshine in the evening, for much longer. Coincidence or not coincidence, perhaps God doesn’t want my flight to be delayed tomorrow evening.

Suppose to be hanging out with friends today but all of them are busy and cannot make it. So, I was going out with my mom instead. After sending my brother off to school for his extra class, we went to KFC to have our meal. Mom ordered two plates of snack plate and it cost RM20.15. She paid. I was a bit silent at the moment. I am not sure why but I just have nothing to talk about. Mom started the conversation. Just talked only when she asked.

Went home, mom helped me to pack my stuff into the language. Clothes, food and stuff. I can say most of things was done by her. I was just helping to pick out my clothes from the cupboard and things that I need to bring.

Brought my pet dog to have a walk around the neighbourhood. He still doesn’t remember me though. I mean, he sees me but only sniffs. May shake his tail for a while but that’s it. For the next come back, may be I will become a total stranger to him.

All my brothers were back later. Then, I got to become loud again. Bully them. Smack them for no reason. Fight with them, for no reason.

Guess I just start to miss home.

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