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Sunday, January 11, 2009


To someone it may concern:

Yes, I do cry.

I cried when a friend that I was trying to get close to betrayed me.
I cried when a close friend hurt me.
I cried when a friend didn't accept my apology.
I cried when I bid farewell to my family and friends, when loneliness strikes me.

Just to say, if you feel want to cry, just cry.
Don't keep everything inside.
You will definitely better after that, trust me.
Crying is not really a bad thing.
Crying doesn't mean you are weak.
Crying doesn't mean you are not strong.
It is just life, that's the way it is.
Even there are no tears, surely your heart is crying inside.
No tears doesn't mean you have a cold heart either.
Don't feel bad, it takes time.

I cry because I care.
I'll die if you don't care.

*I am not being emotional now, okay. I have the same dilemma too. Just be strong and stay strong. Even you are weak, pretend to be one.
**My blog website, my blog name: there's a reason word "smile" appears there. It is not random. With this, hope you have smiled.

Listen to this song when you have the time.



corner's___ said...

hehe.. 10x lot 4 ur article...
will cry a lot de.. haha.. no la, will cry whenever i feel like i wan to

Steward Baba said...

Welcome. Hmm.. if cry a lot also means, you feel sad a lot. No good. Find reasons to be happy~~ =)