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Friday, January 23, 2009

Too Many Things; Too Little Time

Found this note in my friend's profile in Facebook. Wondering does he write this on his own or he gets it from somewhere, I am not really sure. Detonated Bombs, Melodramatic Fools, Nothing and Everything
Note: If you don't have Facebook, you may not be able to view the note. Good thing about Facebook: more privacy.

"Things are always not like what it seems,
There are times feeling of redundant and alone strikes, but unexpectedly friends will appear and do their parts of making me feel good.
There are times when I was expecting my friends to act like what I was hoping them to do, but the results fails me....."

This particular paragraph strikes me through the heart. How true is this happening to me, too. One of the primary reasons for me to feel emotional sometimes. I admit I am a pessimistic guy with all those negative thought in my mind which makes me suffer, am still trying to be more positive. May feel angry when stuff didn't happen as I wanted to but after lots of thinking, I truly realize that thing is not as bad as I imagined.

Am so happy lately because the last line above happened. I may not be frank enough to admit that I am real contented but God knows how happy I am now. Really hope this last long and forever.

And you, really hope you could pull yourself together. You seem to be have changed. Less smile, less happiness compared to last time. I am not feeling good to see you like this. Be happy because I am here. =)


Attended my Moral lectures yesterday. He is an American, by the way. His words, his thought, his accent, everything. Just blow my mind eventhough I don't really get what he is trying to say. Real get distorted, as he said. Other than his furious face, he is a guy with a deep sense of humors and I think he gets to know a little about local politic, too.

Yet, the course is tough as usual. Have assignments to hand in after the CNY break. What the.... (shall not curse).


Going to Malacca tomorrow with my friend, Jonathan for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Hope it will be fun.




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Happy Chinese New Year!

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