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Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby

My youngest brother turns 6 this year. Even though he has grown up, all of us still called him, “baby”.

Expected to be a baby girl, we all were still excited when he was born 6 years ago. I would say I am lucky enough to watch him growing up until today. Am matured enough to know why he cried, why he laughed, when he needed to be fed. From his first sit on his own, his first crawl, his first stand, his first step. Every single bit of that I get to notice. A good thing for me being the eldest.

Getting naughty year by year; become harder to handle till a point that I get fed up. Well, he is still a “baby”. Always stick with me when I at home. When he started his first year of school, it was also the time for me to be away from home to pursue my studies. Cannot be there to guide him as I want to.

Surely he won’t be able to read this but it is thought that counts, right?


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