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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Self-Reflection of Second Semester

About one week to go, a new semester will begin. This time will be for real. The real challenge. A whole new studies life. No more foundation. No more basic studies. It is all new. It is all exciting, hope so. It is CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.

Before proceeding any further, allow me to do some reflection of my last semester. I will be just straight forward of what I am about to say. Not intended to offend anyone, these are just purely my opinion.

From his accent, obviously he is a Chinese beneath his Malay name. I think every English lecturer is taking the similar course in lecturing, I think. Sense of humour seems to be a must in English lecture. He likes to scream though. A variety of intonation. Not bad. At least we gain something from his lectures.

Students will say strict teachers are bad because they always scold you if you don’t hand in your work on time. Students will say lazy teachers are good because they will less likely demand on your homework. Irony, eh? Well, these are what students interpret. Anyway, this semester, my English tutor was a strict one. If the tutorial period is 2 hours, she will really make full use of those 2 hours, no extra, no less. Even so, sometimes she loves to tell the stories of her life to us. It is good to hear those experiences though, but sometimes it took too much time telling those. Sad to say, I hardly learn anything. I can sense my English starts to fall apart since entering this Uni. Think that they have to do something about it, or maybe I am the one who has to do something about it. At least this tutor is better than the one in previous semester.

CALL Lab (Computer-Assisted Language Learning Laboratory):
From our previous experience, have to say, we hardly attended this lab.

I would say this is the most anticipated lecture that I ever attended throughout my Foundation studies life. Favourite subject is one thing. A good lecturer is another. I am really grateful to have her as my lecturer for this semester. She is really dedicated in what she does. Hardly to see other lecturers do what she does. My friend said she like a mother. With little sense of humour some more, you can’t hate her.

Pretty good tutor but wondering why, sometimes I feel lazy to attend her class. May be it is too early in the morning, I think. But, I do learn from her. That is most vital.

For this subject, you couldn’t have guessed what kind of lecturer he or she will be. Don’t judge from the first day. Must attend first few classes and from there, you would know. Then, can plan to skip her classes before getting barred from examinations. I am serious.
She doesn’t lecture well. She just reads from the slides and she considered it’s done. I can do that, too. Sometimes when she solves some questions in front of us, she doesn’t realize she has made some mistakes. Misleading. More confusion. She will scold us, for nothing, sometimes. Perhaps she gets fed up as lecture hall isn’t full as it should be, most of the time. Towards the end of semester, I skipped most of her classes, and not even attended her replacement classes because attending her lectures is equivalent to not attending at all. Even I went to her classes; I would have my ear phone in my ears. Rather listening to Leona Lewis or Celine Dion singing. Of course, I sat at the back.
Good thing is; she is actually good too, in her personality. Perhaps she is inexperience in lecturing, I guess. But, even so, I wouldn’t take my words back because those are the truth.

I have no much comment on this one because my tutor herself is still learning. So, can’t say anything. Didn’t learn much as well.

I don’t like our demonstrator. *zip my mouth*

Comes from Pakistan instead of India with that slang. Scolded my, twice. I don’t hate him for that. I have to admit it is my fault as well. He is kind of strict but monotonous. Keep on repeating the same thing again and again. The strictest lecturer of all, I think.

Good Lord. I never understand things come out from his mouth, not a single word.

Seriously, I think the demonstrator really have to work on his speech.

ICIS (Introduction to Computer and Information System)
She doesn’t just merely read from the slides though. She also does some explanations and elaborations. Maybe because I am an IT dumb, so I hardly to understand. And, have to admit, it is a bit boring sometimes but when it comes to marking, she is really strict. Not lenient at all.

Okay, at least I learn something.

Guess that’s about all. These comments are sincere enough and I am not being partial in making these. Just to voice out.

A little summary:
Best Lab: ICIS LAB

Best Lecturer: MADAM HANITA DAUD (Engineering Mathematics)
Best Tutor: Engineering Mathematics Tutor(forgot her name)


To summarise my foundation studies life:
Best Lecture of all: ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS LECTURE (Second semester)
Best Tutorial of all: PHYSICS TUTORIAL (First Semester)
Best Lab: PHYSICS LAB (First semester)


With this, my foundation life has ended, and still, waiting for my Final Exam result.

Nervous and worried.


corner's___ said...

wah.. giving adward to ur lecturers n tutorials pula~~ hehe~~
no nid nervous la.. u r our skul *smkbb* top student yeh! jia you@

Steward Baba said...

Aiyo. Where got top student? Somemore it is history liao. Now in Uni, different.

Nervous is of course de la. Wat to do?

天狼星 Ivanov said...

thanks for sharing!~

Steward Baba said...

Just to say this is my experience. Don say I ajar u guys ponteng kelas pulak. =p