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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Taman Tumbina Bintulu

Before I continue with this post, for those who are not familiar with Bintulu, guess you never hear of what Taman Tumbina is. Just a slight introduction. Taman Tumbina is a mini zoo which houses animals and plenty of plants. "Tum" comes from the Malay word, "Tumbuhan" which means plants while "bina" derives from the word, "binatang" which means animals. It has been founded since 1991. For more information, click here.


We planned to go Taman Tumbina on my brother's birthday, which was on Friday to celebrate his big day. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, we just went there yesterday. Anyway, it has been fun to spend the whole evening with him and other brothers and of course, tired.

Reached there around 1.00 pm, our first stop was the Butterfly Farm.

Just to say, plants grow much faster than the butterflies. Hardly can see any flying butterflies there. Pretty nice view though.

After that, we walked around there. Just let the pictures do the talking.


Cactus with a flower bud

Ostrich (sitting)

Ostrich (standing)

Ostrich has only 2 toes? Never know.

Suppose there should be ostrich-riding activity but I didn't see anyone was working there.

Sleeping tiger

Deer, closes his eyes and *blueks*


Mini chicken caught in action...


Proudly to present you, the pride of Sarawak



Since Taman Tumbina is built across the hill, walking there as if we were doing jungle-tracking at the same time with all those hilly path. Plus, it is surrounded by forest. Really tired, I must say.

After 2 hours, we left the place and heading to Tanjung Batu nearby, the beach to have some food.


Rojak buah

Sotong kangkung - my favourite


While waiting for parents to come, we went to the beach to have a look.

Guess what? After a while, it started to rain heavily yet parents haven't arrived. We were caught in the rain, with umbrellas in our hands. With some blowing wind, just make thing worst.

Camera in the hand, manage to take photo, of myself.

Around 5.30pm, we were home. Tired and almost caught some cold.

It's been fun day.


School reopens tomorrow. All my brothers will be attending their usual class but I will be left at home. Will be going back in 2 weeks. Miss the time I used to spend in school. I like school.

Before ending this post, have something to share. I was flipping through exercise books of my old high school and saw this:

My name is listed again.


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