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Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Week

UTP is on FIRE!

Fortunately, no casualties occur. The only victimised creatures are mosquitoes but most of them survived as they managed to escape from the catastrophic FOGGING.


First week of my undergraduate studies almost ends. It has been quite tiring and exhausting. Plenty of stuff to do and walking, walking and walking. Yes, I complaint because we have to walk so far away to the new academic complex.

No much thing to update at the moment. Physical Chemistry lecture is boring, eventhough the lecturer is better than before. Differential Equation lecturer is kind of scary, with little sense of humor. Glad to have Mr. Razol to become our Academic Writing lecturer.

My course for this semester:
Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Differential Equations
Academic Writing
Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry
Moral Studies (add)
Co-curriculum (add)

Everyday the class will end at 5pm, 6pm or 7pm and night class on Wednesday. Become more hectic than before. Expected though, but it sounds fun and exciting.

*Heard that my blog can make readers cry. Seriously? I am not crying myself when I was writing those emotional posts.
**Banning Rihanna coming to KL? Not again!
***May be emotionally tired of waiting sometimes, I find it is worth it. Am happy.



JuStiN [WaI KhaN] said...

Me here also fogging one.. Sienz ady..
Wow.. what a hectic timetable.. Luckily mine is still fine even though some days my class will continue for 6 hours nonstop.. haha..
Wish you a prosperous and happy CNY in advance!! =)

Steward Baba said...

Haha... it is not that my class is going non stop. Some days got few hours gap in between but sien as the class ends so late. Duh!

happ CNY to you too! =)