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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kate Winslet won!

Guess everyone knows her. If you know Titanic, surely you know her. If you don't know, I have no comment on that.

I didn't watch Golden Globe awards that day. So, frankly, I didn't know who get nominated and obviously, who won the title. I am not sure where I hear about this but some how I heard this actress won something on that night. So, today, I googled and also surf YouTube to search for the relevant videos. She won TWO awards: Best Actress for her performance in Revolutionary Road which features her and Leonardo Dicaprio and the movie is directed by her husband, Sam Mendes. Another award is Best Supporting Actress for the movie, "The Reader".


Really can't wait to watch this film. Leo and Kate is truly an ideal couple on screen.

Found this video. So sweet. In real world, they are just being best friends eventhough it will be so perfect if they are couple. Love them. =)


Grace said...

woa.i can see u LOVE the casts in titanic :)

Steward Baba said...

Hi, Grace. Din know that you have a blog, too!

Haha. I am a big fan of Titanic. can say a bit fanatic. hehe...