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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

At Last

Traveling alone is an experience of a kind, I must say. Have been going home alone all these while but the feeling this time is a bit, different. Perhaps it is due to the timings or can be other factors, I am not really sure.

Departed from KL Central at 3am this morning and reached LCCT about one hour later. For the first time, traveling in a bus, during midnight. The atmosphere was so cold, it chilled me to the bone. The coldness in the bus reminds me of Chancellor Hall. Regret for not taking my coat. Was shivering for an hour, along the journey.

LCCT is now upgraded. New shops such as Old Town White Coffee, Zon Euphorium, Mary Brown, The Body Shop et cetera are now opened for business. I am not sure how long they have been there since it has been six months I didn't go back. For the first time also, I went to the airport so early in the morning. I mean, real early, as early as 4.ooam. I could see some of the people there sleeping on the floor which is kind of new to me to see. Well, perhaps no one will be doing that during days. Not forgetting there were people wearing face mask. Guess everyone knows what it's for.

My flight would be at 9 and it was 5 hours to go before boarding time. I couldn't sleep at the same time and I don't want to because I am afraid that I may oversleep and miss my flight. How do I spend those time? At first, I was having my breakfast at McD. Since there is no power socket available around, I went to Coffee Bean to have a sip of drink of Pure Chocolate Ice Blended so that I can switch on my laptop. But, I cannot online. Something is not right with wireless there. The webpage displayed just reminds me of UTP, again. End up playing the music videos and do some planning for upcoming semester.

The time passed by and it was times to onboard. With this heavy feeling in my heart, I am flying home and welcomed by mom and my youngest brother at Bintulu airport. At that instant, loneliness started to fade away.

*For your information, Molly and I are just being mere close friends, nothing more, nothing less. The "you" that I mentioned in my posts is not her and Molly knows it. So, stop doing your rootless speculation, of anything.
**Yes, I always went to v2 cafe to have my lunch and dinner, but frankly, I ate alone. Take it or leave it. That is the truth.
***I didn't manage to sleep since the paper ended yesterday. Tired. Off to sleep mode.

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