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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Miss this notice. Long time don't encounter it already. In other words, no more YouTube, no more MSN, no more YM, no more shoutmix chatbox! (Apparently, mine is still allowed, wondering why). Well, just hope that they won't block Facebook in which I think it won't be happening because UTP staffs also use Facebook. Yes, I saw. Later there will a mega protest if the management does so.

Organic Chemistry makes me wordless. Not sure whether I can handle this killer subject or not. It assembles life-death situation, is either you reach on the top or fall far behind. Sound scary, but that's the way I see it. It is either you can do it or otherwise. My dear juniors, I am not trying to scare you though. Just be prepared. Moral Studies on the following day will be another nightmare. Have no idea what is running in his mind.

I am kind of in dilemma now. Just a small issue but it means something big to me. It could end positively or may turn out to be ugly. Have been considering something but don't want some may get hurt of what I have decided eventhough the outcome is not guaranteed yet. Man, this small thing has made me so down, till a point I could have cried.

Don't think too much, to myself. Just hope it will be resolved as soon as possible. Most importantly, everyone is happy about it.

Peace, everyone. =)

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