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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day Out

Just come back from Ipoh, around one hour ago. Have been going out the whole day, since 10.30am. It has been a long while didn't stay out of UTP for that long, since STE. Happy moment will eventually come to an end. Every moment will.

Anyway, me, Kerry, Lian Hung, Yi Herng and Wee Kheng went to Ipoh Parade as our first stop. Having lunch at Sushi King. My first ever meal in a japanese restaurant. Didn't know that they promote Yakult drink at the same time.

Piri-piri Chicken (I think that's the name, not really sure)
Spent around RM140 there. Need not to pay for it, I mean, myself since it was a treat for me. Thanks a lot!

Went to Ampang Superbowl. Finally have the chance to play there, first time ever, in a more standard bowling court at least because the one at Jusco, well, is kind of sucks. Coming from nowhere, Fazlee joined the game. Not really nowhere, he just came back from Yip Fong and happened to be going there as well. He was alone. In the end, he joined us. First round, I got the first with score more than 100 but got the last in the second round with score of 60. Oh well, it has been like that, winning and losing.

Thinking of going to hair cut and others was like "What on earth you want to have a hair cut? There is nothing for you to cut." Okay, the line may not be exactly exaggerating but the main point is there. The saloon that we went, it took around 45 minutes per head. Can't stay for too long, I choose not to in the end, because my hair is not really that urgent and yeah, nothing to be cut. One scene from the saloon: the stylist miscut himself while cutting hair. Hear, hear.

Went to Starbucks to buy drink, Chocolate Cream Chip (vendi) before heading to JUSCO. Upon reaching there, went to watch movie, X-men; Wolverine. Nice movie, quite interesting plot. The concept is like the one portrays in HEROES series. Don't know who copy who, it was indeed worth watching. But the ending is quite sad, feel bad for Logan and... (forget the name of the female). Why does romance always end in sad way?

Yi Herng then left to have gathering with his high school friends. Wee Kheng, Kerry and Lian Hung went to supermarket to buy stuff. Fazlee and I played the game at the arcade near to the cinema. After "tapao"-ing Secret Recipe and Big Apple Donuts, 9.30pm. we left for campus.

The expenditure for the day is less than I expected, way to less. Good thing though, could save more. It's been a fun day. The last day of having fun in Ipoh, for this semester, before the hard work begins.

*Haven studied a single thing for Oil and Gas test on Tuesday.

Belated surprise.

Thank you, Eric and Lawrence. =)


liangyi said...

who is that YOU la?
come dinner 2gth to9, belanja u chocolate ice-cream,
make up ur bday :P
bit late but pls accept :P

Laura said...

Thanks Baba for big apple ans secret recipe...wahahahha!!!