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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yet to be home

I was done with Physical Chemistry paper around 7 hours ago. In other words, I am done with my final exam for my very first semester of undergraduate studies. Overall, I would say this time I really kind of screwing up my papers, starts from the first day, Academic Writing until the paper just now. Nothing is felt to be right while answering all those papers. Let bygone be bygone. I don't expect much from this semester. I have the feeling that I may not get into Dean's List. Really have to erase all this thought from my mind to enjoy my 2 months holiday. For those who still have papers to sit for this week and next week, hold on, yah. It will be over soon, sooner than you thought. Till then, all the best.

Now I am posting this entry from KL Central. In few hours to go I will be heading to LCCT and fly off to hometown at 9am. To tell the truth, I am a bit worried to be at the airport due to swine flu outbreak. May God bless my journey all the way back and reach home safely. Same goes for those who will be flying home. Take good care of yourself.

Will post more when I get home.
Expected future post(s):
1. Memories of January 2009 Semester
2. Reflection of January 2009 Semester

*Glad that we get to talk before I leave just now. Won't feel complete if I just go off. :)

Eric, here's the picture.


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